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bridal-march1Serendipity is the joyful discovery of something wonderful by accident. And for me discovering Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major was something like that. I have always heard the song being played in church for the bridal march, but never knew that it was classical music.

As a flower girl, seeing Christian weddings at the St George’s Cathedral I felt this was what heaven would be like; the music, people in their Sunday best, the flowers, the solemnity, the grace, the holiness and the overwhelming goodwill. Sometimes the experience is just heavenly! If you have visited the St George’s Cathedral and heard this music playing as the bride, all radiant and beautiful, walked down the aisle on her father’s arms, you will know what I am talking about. Everyone smiling, a few sniffs from those sentimental. The bridegroom waiting for her…the music playing …me dragging my feet with the bride’s veil, sometimes I would wish it would never stop…the music being heavenly. But all good things come to an end.  The organist would play the last few notes and the pastor would start: “Dear brethren we are all gathered here on this solemn occasion …”

For me, choir music has been something I have always loved. But when I stopped going to church, I don’t know what made me stop buying gospel songs. The journey back started at a funeral service. While attending the service, I found Christian choir music just as breathtaking as ever. Music has the power to take you to another plane all together. No wonder, theists feel singing for the Gods is to experience heaven on earth. Hearing the familiar hymns sung I could feel tears coming to my eyes; the sheer beauty and poetry of the songs, and my stupidity in letting my atheists beliefs stop my enjoying the music.

And I was surprised that I could remember the words so well and not need to use the hymn book kept on pew shelves. There is a Chinese proverb, “If you learn something really well, it will always stay with you.” I don’t know if I am quoting it correctly as I first read it in Antony Grey’s Peking. I really loved hearing the old songs and didn’t know I was really missing something until then.

When I went back home, I tried humming a few of the old hymns like “Amazing Grace,” “Great is thy faithfulness,” “Abide with Me,” “Praise my soul the King of Heaven,” and found that surprises of surprises, I could recall all the words from every stanza.

So, I am re-discovering myself. I found that even when you totally reject something, there will always be something good in it to comfort you 🙂impromptu1


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george_bush_musharraf_coupI for one think there has been too little noise made over this both by the US Government and its stooge Pakistan. Of course America’s favourites can be forgiven for anything.
America is usually friendly only with fanatics (earlier support of racist Afrikaner-dominate National Party in South Africa), dictators (rulers of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other such “princely” states) and their own-hand created puppet regimes (Remember Iraq, Afghanistan)?
So its not keen on harassing Pakistan over the Mumbai attacks. Uncle Sam made the usual noises of sympathy and then went back to “I love Pak” mode.
So our Pak PM Yousaf Raza Gilani suddenly saw no need in the world for “so much noise” about the Mumbai attacks.

This must not be construed as me being anti-Pakistan or a rabidly, fanatic Indian. I am well aware of the failings of the Indian Army in their IPKF mission to Lanka, their sordid deeds in the coffin scam, etc. So I can’t say I’m blindly patriotic and can overlook J&K. Or that I don’t get sentimental about the cute, little Pak girl who came here to get her heart fixed. But, in politics, there should be a sense of fairness.

Here in India, our politicians maybe corrupt, but atleast they don’t wear military jackets and stay in power by the simple process of not holding elections.

But America loves such a country. I think secretly George W Bush must be wishing America was run along the same lines as Pakistan. Remember the first time fiasco of his, when he came (un-elected) to power?

Gilani & Delhigeorge_bush_musharraf_buddy

Gilani: We are doing everything we can

Delhi: We have heard no word from Pakistan.

Gilani: We have given India ISI feedback

Delhi: We have not received any feedback from the ISI

Gilani: We have sent a dossier to the CIA and India

Delhi: We have not received any such dossier.

(Honestly, in which century do Pak leaders live in? Do they think if they pretend a problem doesn’t exist, will it just go away?)
Gilani’s diversionary tactics:

He must  have learnt this from George Bush Jr. Remember how easily he could switch the topic to the “Axis of Evil,” when questioned about failings in his administration like why health care has gone up?

So Gilani, when questioned by the Pakistani press, immediately said people should be more concerned about the killings in Palestine than the Mumbai attacks. Why is the world silent on that? He questions.

pakistan-cartoons-jan-8th1The world has not been silent Mr Gilani. Its you and your predecessors who have been unusually silent on this with every meeting with every US President. Pak leaders have always chosen to turn a blind eye to America’s atrocities in the Middle-East and its close nexus with Israel.
So he should actually be the turning the mirror on himself and asking, “Why is Pakistan silent? Why did Pakistan never protest the American invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? Why did Pakistan never condemn the US for economic sanctions placed on Syria? Why did Pakistan never question America about all the Pakistani civilians detained in Guantanamo Bay? Why is Pakistan still tacitly supporting the US-Israel aggression on Palestine, by not condemning it?

Its a case of the pot calling the kettle black!

Best form of defense? Attack

Since his own grounds are shaky, what must he next do? Hit out at India for atrocities in J&K.

Who is responsible for 26/11? Ans: “India. 26/11 was an intelligence failure on India’s part and that it India’s “internal matter”.”

Setting Pak correct

Foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee, whatever his failings on the Indo-US  nuke deal maybe, knows how to give it back as good as he gets it.
Mr Mukherjee, said Pak PM can’t go about comparing 26/11 to Gaza, because, “`I have not gone and occupied any (of) Pakistan’s land which Israel has done (in Palestine).

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