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When me & my colleague were trying to figure out something for the office website, we hit upon polldaddy. We also came upon other cute widgets. 

I felt I needed to share the info on polldaddy, because I found the site and the graphics cute. Another thing that people ought to remember is that WordPress doesn’t ok too many widgets and pollldaddy is one of the rare-wordpress friendly polls.

By creating an account there, you can also conduct surveys. So happy polling! Who said you needed an election commissioner to conduct polls?


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Happy Pongal!

It doesn’t seem like Pongal at all with the scarcity of sugar canes in the city. Even stores are not as bright, lit-up and decorated as they usually are at this time of the year. Most stores put up decorations for Christmas and don’t remove them till Pongal gets over. Or maybe the petrol shortage, scarcity in perishables and the strikes  – is getting to everyone and things are not as festive as we would like them to be.

I also forgot Pongal was tomorrow and fixed up a phone interview with a person from Delhi.  Looks like I might have to work a little even on my off day. 

Anyway, Happy Pongal to everyone in the great, big blogosphere!



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I finally figured out how to disable the comments on wordpress. For me comment moderation was frustrating. I am so irregular in updating the blog that I hadn’t cleared comments sometimes for two weeks at a stretch. 

 And besides I feel my site is really quite harmless and I don’t see the need for moderation. And then again WordPress’s Askimet is quite good at blocking spam. 

To disable comment moderation, you must go to your dashboard and click on settings. In the settings, you can change the discussion sub-tab.

Just untick these two options and you’ll never have to worry about blog neglect affecting your viewers again 🙂

  • An administrator must always approve the comment
  • Comment author must have a previously approved comment


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While reading UnderMuchGrace, I came upon the reason behind the graphic Fight the Mental Burqa on White Washed Feminists. Since I really liked what they said, I’m posting the pledge here.


Fight the Mental Burqa!

A woman is imprisoned by a Mental, Burqa if her entire formation, or her present indoctrination by those claiming to speak in God’s name, does not inform or enable her to choose the other good means that God allows her in the pursuit of her final end.

A girl is living under the Mental Burqa if she is told that she is “resisting God’s Biblical plan for her” by pursuing a higher education or by exercising a legitimate profession, before settling down to marry, should she believe that is God’s will for her.

She is oppressed by the Mental Burqa if she is trained to believe she is not fit to choose whom she will marry. Patriocentrism treats women as interchangeable, and castigates as “modern sentimentality” a woman’s loathing to be “given in marriage” to a man she finds repulsive, one with whom she has neither affinity of character nor compatibility of intellect.

So, yes, I am for the woman’s right to live as a human being with a rational nature. I am for her right to know she has a God-given choice between the legitimate means to reach Him. I am for her right to the education that will equip her to embrace any state of life. I am for her right to determine, if she decides to marry, which man she thinks will make a good husband for herself and father for her children.

I am for the woman’s right not to be extinguished by the neo-fascist philosophy of a group of men who know that their own agenda is best served by women who have been denied or who have abdicated their duty to act as rational, responsible human beings.

We have a face and a mind.
Fight the Mental Burqa.


P.S.Only on Cindy Kunsman’s blog UnderMuchGrace did I first come upon the term spiritual abuse. Her blog is also very warm and reflects the kind of Christianity I would like to promote.

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