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women_parkMy friend has tagged me!

And I am supposed to tell the www, the 10 most irritating things about me. I don’t pretend to be scrupulously fair or objective in recounting them 😉

Ok, here goes:

  1. In college, my friends wanted to beat me up when I prolonged class by asking inane questions.
  2. I chat online (instant messaging) while I’m on the phone with other friends.
  3. My friends say I keep sucking the straw even after the cup becomes  empty, sounding like a vaccum cleaner.
  4. I hate other people starting every conversation with “basically,” “initially,” “Honestly” and other such words. But my friends say I do the same.
  5. I rarely chew gum, but when I do, I can’t resist popping and smacking them.
  6. When I don’t want to answer a simple question, I go on a long-winded 10-minute ramble and do everything except answer the question.
  7. My mom used to often correct me. My mom: “You shouldn’t yell “on the light” you should request “please, switch on the light.” And don’t be such a lazy boots. You are younger than all of us here and you can very well do it yourself.”
  8. My English Lecturer used to correct us when we asked for permission to skip class. “You can of course leave the class, but I am not going to give permission for you to do so. The question is “May I leave the classroom?.” And this must be the 100th time I am telling you that Ms D Rachel Chitra!
  9. He also told me that my spellings were atrocious. I was always spelling “you’re” as “your.” and “they are” as “their.”
  10. My mom says,  she gets most irritated, when I take a packet of biscuits out of the fridge, finish it and put the empty packet carefully back inside.

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