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rosesI never thought such a chatter-box as myself would find myself at a loss for words. But sometimes there are things which maybe better left unsaid.

The update on my front is that after my grandfather died I had a lot of work to do; being the only granddaughter in India. I first asked for one week’s leave at the workplace. Then had to extend it by another one week. And when it came to the third week and there was still no coast in sight, I decided to jump the boat and resign my job…

Two months down the line, my life has become less hectic. Hopefully, I’ll gain sufficient time on my hands to resume full-time work.

On the look-out for a job. Since the media industry in Chennai is not hiring because of the recession, I am looking at working in some publishing house….Let’s see, what the future holds 🙂

But one thing I am happy for is that despite all this turmoil, my spirit remains intact and my lips ever ready to smile.

I hope everyone has a glorious day 🙂


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