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A lovely week!

Last week was quite pleasant, idyllic in fact. My athai and I discovered to our mutual pleasure that we shared many common interests.  We cooked, cleaned house, stitched, embroidered, crocheted, knitted, read the same books and generally enveloped ourselves in blissful domesticity. I am not the least bit domestically inclined as many of my friends who have seen the state of my house will attest, but with such an enthusiastic homey-homey person as my athai its hard to stay immune from her zest and love for the home life.

After a blissful week at my athai’s place, my own home seems strange and surprisingly lonely. I keep on reflecting on what made this week so utterly thoroughly wonderful and guessed its the – people – friends and relatives. Since athai grew up in Ambtr and her family has lived in the same place for more than a century, they seem to know literally everyone from this end of the TE to the OT bus stop. I’m bad at remembering names and found it tough to distinguish between friends and family. Now I’m pretty close with most of her friends, but still find it difficult to remember the relatives’ names. So whenever I get introduced to anyone I just smile and smile and hope they won’t question me too closely and make me betray my ignorance.

What else? I got to watch Avatar for the eighth time this week. I think it was the most wonderful movie ever made – don’t laugh at me if I change mind on viewing the next James Cameron offering. But I really loved the movie and wish the 3D tickets at Satyam or Inox were cheaper.  And then athai wanted to know what I wanted to do over the weekend.. My first reply was “Just stay at ur place” followed swiftly by “Lets go and see Avatar”. Athai is quite amused by my extreme enthusiasm for movies like “Avatar, the Harry Potter series, Star Wars, etc” and most animation flicks. Lately, I have even started liking chic flicks and period costume dramas, so uncharacteristically girlish of me, isn’t it? I’m also of think watching Vinnaithandi Varuvaya as it might be more appropriate to watch it on one’s W-day.

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