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Vimali’s Day Out

I was reading one of my friend’s short stories for children. I was so delighted with them that I just had to share..

Vimali’s Day Out

Vimali, the water drop, was bored to tears. She stared glassily at the sky as she lay on a lotus leaf. The only excitement around here was when the fat green frog on a nearby rock jumped into the pond and crawled back to sun himself.

“Hmmph,” she said aloud, “This is no fun. I’d really like to see the world.” So although her water drop friends had told her not to venture to the edge of the lotus leaf, Vimali did.


And, Vimali fell into the pond. It gave her a strange, squashed feeling. She hazily wondered if she was herself or had become the pond. It was quiet but a sort of deafening quiet. Just as she was getting all drowsy, there was a pop and a gloop in her ears and Vimali was hoisted into the bright sunshine.


Hop on, Little Tailor

When I was twelve, I believed a lot in luck. If I were lucky, the Chemistry teacher would be absent that day and the class test postponed. Or I would win a prize in that painting contest.

I don’t know how exactly I worked it out, but I knew that whenever a tailor bird visited the neem tree in our garden I turned out lucky. You must have seen a tailor bird, no? That little green, white and brown, tiny-beaked bird that goes wichee-wichee-wichee when it hops about? I like the way it cockily holds its tail upright as if to say “I am busy, don’t disturb me.”

The tailor bird was a frequent visitor to our garden. I was very pleased whenever I heard it before I set off to school as that meant a whole day of luck. Sometimes, I saw it only in the afternoon



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