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Cat Vs. Fish… or Cat Vs. Dog? by Sierra!
Being a business correspondent, the world of commerce and the ubiquitous global financial meltdown does occupy the larger part of my day. My day is all about “Sensex rallies by 781 points” or “Pirvate airlines want Rs 4,700 crore bailout,” “AIG shuts all non-insurance business in India.” It also is about flowers on the windowsill and our apartment stray cat.

My watchman, who is in-charge of watering the plants on my windowsill (Since lazy me, can’t be bothered to get up in the morning and do that) has an on-going feud with the cat. You see, our watchman doesn’t have any of his family members staying nearby so many-a-time our flat people give him a plate of whatever is going around. And the poor watchman has umpteen other things to do like getting the milk for other lazy flat inmates like me, getting their clothes ironed, getting their newspapers, getting their EB bills paid, getting their groceries and getting anything else they can think up. So, our sly apartment cat always hangs around and the minute someone leaves a plate of food for the watchman it has the first share.

The watchman doesn’t like our apartment stray cat as it has this very nice habit of raiding our dustbin and strewing the contents all over the place. The cat loves non-veg a lot so we try to dispose off the rubbish as soon as we cook fish or prawns. But if we delay just a little our living room looks and stinks like hell coz of cat raids.

The cat also doesn’t have too many friends in our flat because it wants to be our official taster; as in it wants to sample everything left open in the kitchen. My less-charitable neighbours of course prefer to call it a “thief” and “an unmitigated nuisance.”

To continue with the tale of the cat. It became might friendly with a sweet little brown tabby, as a result of which there are five motley-furred kittens running loose in our parking lot. The kittens are extremely vociferous and spend all their spare time harassing their parents. Unable to bear the din and the increase in population our tomcat left the neighbourhood. Neighbours breathed a sigh of relief only to find out that the tomcat’s progenies have taken up his duties quite seriously; one of which is serenading the neighbours with love songs or “caterwauling.”

Well, back to what cheers me. I can see flowers beaming up at me from the windows. The cheerful chrysanthemums keep me smiling as I do the housework.

So here’s to more flowers and more cats 🙂


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