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Children’s books illustrator Jenny B Harris’s site and her blog All sorts showcase fantastic stuff for the young at heart. I have been a big fan of her blog for quite sometime but this is the first time I have checked out her site! She is as big a fan of red and red gingham as me!


What to do when your young nieces and nephews are at home and out to destroy all the furniture in the house as they play go-cart and horse-riding?

Well, at Jenny B Harris’s you can get over-enthusiastic little kids to create a gingerbread house or dress up Zoe. Zoe, Jenny’s original creation, has lots of cute outfits – replete with bows, skirts, multi-coloured shirts, blouses, overalls, hats and flowers.

There is also a Dress Zoe Christmas edition – in which you can dress Zoe in Halloween and Christmasy outfits. I love the little extra touches like the little bird, the candy stick, the gifts, the David’s star and the Christmas ornaments. So cute!

dress-joeThe site also has a dress Bunny-up game and decorate Bunny’s room activity. You can move around the furniture and play virtual dollhouse. Actually my nephew is just an excuse, I love this site so much myself and can’t resist decking out the gingerbread house with candies and sweets. Feels so much like I have wandered into the world of Hansel & Gretel.

Kids can also build a robot at the site. And for a real nice, but still cheap present. Print out her free fun pictures to colour, staple it and bind it with gift-wrapping paper!

Have lots of fun!

(Pictures courtesy Jenny B Harris)


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