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These days every other Tom, Dick and Hari has got a honorary doctorate because he has loads and loads of cash; because he’s engaged in manufacturing illicit arrack; because he’s part of a political dynasty; or because he’s trying to be a cine superstar.

Joyce Meyer – American multi-millionaire preacher gets honourary doctorate from millionaire pastor Oral Roberts

Ratan Tata – Industrialist gets honourary doctorate from President of India Pratibha Patil

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi – de facto military Libyian leader gets  honourary doctorate in Arabic-Islamic studies from Tunisia

A P J Abdul Kalam – gets honourary doctorates, because our universities needed grants and felt that he didn’t have enough degrees

Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan – gets honourary doctorate from Sathyabama Engineering College, run by the honourable Mr Jeppiar, who was earlier a police constable and alleged boot-legger

Elaiyathalapathi Vijay – gets honourary doctorate from Sathyabama Engineering College

Viswanath Anand – gets honourary doctorate from Sathyabama Engineering College

Akshaya Kumar – gets honourary doctorate of Law….He might have got on the wrong side of it as a waiter in Singapore

Other cine stars who have got honourary doctorates – Manorama, K Balachander & Sivaji Ganesan

Dr Karunanidhi – TN CM gets honourary doctorates from Annamalai University and TN Governor Surjit Singh Barnala

Dr J Jayalalithaa –  former TN CM gets honourary doctorate to compete in all spheres with MK

And of course, the late Dr MGR

Wanna add on to the list?


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