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No worrying! Everything is under control! No bank fraud. My money is still with me.

Ok now that I’ve reassured my friends – the vicious credit card circle I meant was not debts, but the running around in circles one has to do to get my credit card.

After a major excavation into the rubbish in our house, I finally managed to locate my ICICI bank statement for June 2008. Spreading it out on my desk and with the help of a magnifying glass I try locating the customer care number. No luck! Its not there.

So I next call our local search engine…….only to be regaled with loud garish music and a woman telling me to be patient and our officers will attend the call. I think all the local search engines are in collusion with the cellphone companies to raise the phonebill, by making all their customers wait….for an indecent amount of time.

Just before you lose all patience and are about to hang up, a cheery voice: “Good morning, How may I help you.”

Me: I’d like the ICICI customer care number.

Cheery voice: Which branch?

Me: I don’t know..like anyplace in Chennai.

Cheery voice: Where are you calling from?

Me: Chennai

Cheery voice: Can I have your mobile no and email ID?

I give them all details like my mobile no, email ID, my horoscope, etc, consoling myself with the thought that all good things come to an end.

But, I find they are not done with me. After a fast metallic statement that “you will receive an sms and email of this information.”

They next ask me if I have a business? Me: No

They: Are you interested in starting a business? Me: No

They: Are you interested in getting a loan to start a business? Me: Of course not

They: Are you interested in getting a credit card for a business loan? I just hang up.

Armed with the ICICI customer care number I call them. Only to meet another recording. The metallic cold voice tells me to Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Hindi, Press 3 for Tamil…In haste I Press 1. MCV: If your calls relates to information on your account Press 1 for knowing account balance, Press 2 for debit card, Press 3 for credit card….( I don’t wait…I think they might have 10 other options)

Bingo! Credit card! I hit three.

Only to meet another voice: “For credit complaints Press 1, for credit card loss Press 2, for new credit card Press 3…Heavens now I’m in a dilemma I badly want to call 1 and yell at someone @ complaints but forbearance wins and I press 3 (keeping my fingers crossed that this is destination credit card). ……The ring goes (I keep hoping). Another metallic cold voice tells me to Press 1 if I want to open an account with a credit card, Press 2 for upgradation of debit card to credit. I press 2 only to get another voice.

I hang up.

I go back to the local search engine. Maybe I can get a credit card, If I express interest in starting a business.

So I take a deep breath and plunge into the circle by dialing 04426444444

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