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June 25, 2008

Three ward boys allegedly molested two girls (16 and 23) who were undergoing treatment. The girls were brought to hospital after an accident with firecrackers outside their home in Bhendi Bazaar in South Mumbai. Their family alleges that the three wardboys molested the girls, while changing their bandages.

And then the media reports should say what the police did, has an FIR been filed, have the boys been arrested, when will the case come to court, the public outrage over the event, etc……
But our media could not help salivating over the ‘event’. So pages are devoted to how ‘it’ happened.

I can imagine the family’s outrage over the whole affair. The boys molested the girls and the media outrages the girls’ modesty. You had an entire minute-by-minute recap of what HAPPENED to the girls..Sick!

The reports read: “The ward boys would keep cotton swaps or tape on their thighs as an excuse to touch them” ……What are they upto? Writing soft porn over a crime?

Headlines scream: Mumbai girl molested by friends for 26 hours, Fourteen men accused of molesting two NRI women at Juhu here, 70-80 Men Molest Two Girls on New Year , Pregnant actress accuses producer of molestation,……And in all these cases the names of the victims (sometimes plus their photographs) made it to the press.

They dish it out to us hot and strong….

But is this what should be going on?

What happened to the ethics of journalism like the name, photos, identity of the victim should not be revealed?
Gone with the wind, I guess.

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