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(Photos courtesy House Martin. This talented florist has got a great blog with lots & lots of lovely pics of her beautiful creations)

Update: I have fallen in love with business reporting. I thought I was cut-out to be a general reporter, but then one can always change one’s mind when ur 23.

I have also been feeling extremely proud of myself for filing a few sensible stories on the insurance industry. I’m wondering if I should start a “Insurance for dummies” series on this blog. Because I honestly felt so dumb, when I started three months ago, in this line.

I have been in the midst of production and nursing my cold and throat pain, so my blog has suffered neglect.

I have approved and posted most of the comments, I have received, but I am yet to reply to any of them. Please, bear with me kind readers and I will reply to everyone of your gracious posts 😉

Today, was a comedy of errors. Yesterday, I had taken leave, because I was feeling too sick to kick myself out of bed. Today, as I was feeling better, after feasting off the cooking of my mom-in-law, I got ready for office. Battling the rain and the harsh winds, I arrived soaking wet in office, only to find out that I didn’t have office today.


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