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I suddenly noticed that over the past weeks, my blog is inundated with pictures. Its usually not that way. Once I start talking or writing, I can’t stop. But still images are fascinating and one such is supposed to be better than a thousand words.
To continue, I have an art attack with polyvore. I created two more greeting cards.
This is for one of my friends, who had an accident and is now happily staying at home and slowly recuperating (this is for the benefit of his office, as he’s actually got only a scratch and is enjoying his stay at home). Still, one can always seem bent on cheering up people. Here goes!:

Don't worry, be happy
Don’t worry, be happy by rachel chitra

And then I also thought I’d create a b’day greeting for my friend; Well in advance, considering that her birthday is in February 🙂
b'day wishes
b’day wishes by rachel chitra

If you want to use any of the sets, I created just double click on these pictures it will take you to the original setting in Polyvore.

Then double click the set, it will ask


Click on view details. It will take you to a page, which looks like this. To send this greeting or any other sets on Polyvore via e-mail – click share this set via e-mail. If you are a fellow-blogger and want to feature any Polyvore set on your blog, then embed it. It will give you the option of posting it as a blog post or on a discussion forum.


Do check out polyvore for the other gorgeous sets that have been created by the other fashionistas out there, like this set:
Soothing Stream
Soothing Stream by ForestCat
Since, I am a relative new comer to Polyvore, I thought I’ll explain whats it about. Polyvore is something like an online Adobe Photoshop – it gives you the technology to digitally arrange all of your favorite items into one beautiful collage. It’s very simple to get started and get your membership. People like me just use other people’s delightful sets without doing any creating of their own 🙂

Do see the sets, created by others before starting to fashion your own collages. You can choose from the huge selection of images already at the site or you can use their “clipper” tool for pictures for the world wide web. If you snip something, the item is always linked to it’s original location, so it also helps bring the original owner some great publicity. Now, that’s the way to keep your friend’s Etsy shop going! (Remember they also have rules on copyright, so you just can’t lift stuff off the net. Double check if its royalty free)
For example, if you make dolls at home and list your stuff on etsy, then if someone clipped your item and added it to their collages, not only would they be able to use it, but now it would be available to all the other Polyvore members as well. Now think about how much your sales could pick up if several people used your items to make their collages… you are going to get an avalanche of sales for your pieces, once people click the link to see where they can buy one!
You can also create landscapes, lace patterns, vintage chic or your own take on modern art!

winter landscape
winter landscape by LilaCat

For the Fashion conscious;

You can put together your clothes, accessories, shoes and even bags and see they how they look before you buy. Not that any of us can afford Jimmy Choe’s or Valentine’s ..but it can still be a kind of frippery-sinful indulgence. This is the online equivalent of window shopping!
And do check out the number of collages on Devil Wears Prada and Sex and the City.
Pretty face, dressed in lace.
Pretty face, dressed in lace. by redef1ne


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I have discovered a great way to send your own-original e-greetings to friends and family. I thought polyvore was only for creating sets, but you can put it to lots of other uses too.

Since I still haven’t got the hang of doing even simple things on Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw, polyvore gives me a nice alternative.

This is one of the e-greetings I made today! (no constructive criticism allowed mind you 😉 )

happy birthday
happy birthday by rachel chitra

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Polyvore is a great blogging tool, that helps you create your own fashion templates. It was very useful checking out Precious style and seeing Marcia’s own creation. She had got the idea, from another favourite blogger of mine A StoryBook Life. Inspired, I made my own doggy fashion template.

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