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After Anna University brought in the dress code, lots of other colleges followed suit; notable among these were ultra conservative colleges like Sathyabama Deemed University, Chromepet Vaishnav. Of course, the dress code was introduced in my alma mater –MCC, WCC & MOP Vaishnav, but since nobody even reads the notice board in these colleges, authorities had to drop the issue.

But coming back to the ultra-conservative colleges which did follow the dress code; these colleges also have other obscene practises like

  • Boys & girls should not talk, touch or date on campus (sometimes these nosy-parkers extended their jurisdiction even outside the campus premises)
  • Nobody should cut class. If they do, just like in LKG they have to bring a leave letter signed by their parents and¬†accompanied by the parents
  • No ragging juniors, especially members of the opposite sex; meaning no talking to juniors, especially pretty young juniors on any pretext
  • No cell phones in colleges, because the cell phones can be bombs, can cause noise pollution, can be used to send dirty smses about unsatisfactory teachers, can be used to SOS for help during exams and class texts

The dress code for boys:

  • No¬†wearing jeans, low-hip jeans (with underwear peeping out), shorts or low-hip jeans which are about to fall off at any moment due to gravity
  • No wearing cargo pants to college…as the multiple pockets might have multiple bits that help during exams

The dress code for girls:

  • No halter-tops, mini-skirts, low-hip jeans, sphagetti tops and anything that might make the guys salivate over you
  • Wear salwar kameez, saree or half-saree
  • Wear loose dresses (Nothing tight allowed. As it again might show curves)
  • Wear large tent-like dupatta, pinned with extra-large pins on both sides….because…well…you see…a girl’s modesty (as these guys define it) has to be covered

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