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I haven’t really used my old blog in a long time. I started this one when I was in college and have since been regularly deleting all the posts it contained. I found my earlier views embarrassing, since I was one of those holier-than-thou Christians. The blog’s url is also bad – instead of castles in the air – it reads castlesinthair. So even thought I don’t really blog on blogger, since I find wordpress so much easier, I thought I’ll change my blog’s look.

I was surfing the net, when I came across this great blogger template site and promptly changed my blog layout, only to find I had accidentally deleted half the widgets I had, including the sitemeter. Anyway, this is how my new re-invented blog looks like (I don’t promise to write in it however 😉 :




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When me & my colleague were trying to figure out something for the office website, we hit upon polldaddy. We also came upon other cute widgets. 

I felt I needed to share the info on polldaddy, because I found the site and the graphics cute. Another thing that people ought to remember is that WordPress doesn’t ok too many widgets and pollldaddy is one of the rare-wordpress friendly polls.

By creating an account there, you can also conduct surveys. So happy polling! Who said you needed an election commissioner to conduct polls?

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I finally figured out how to disable the comments on wordpress. For me comment moderation was frustrating. I am so irregular in updating the blog that I hadn’t cleared comments sometimes for two weeks at a stretch. 

 And besides I feel my site is really quite harmless and I don’t see the need for moderation. And then again WordPress’s Askimet is quite good at blocking spam. 

To disable comment moderation, you must go to your dashboard and click on settings. In the settings, you can change the discussion sub-tab.

Just untick these two options and you’ll never have to worry about blog neglect affecting your viewers again 🙂

  • An administrator must always approve the comment
  • Comment author must have a previously approved comment


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Hi guys,

I have been once again caught with blog neglect. And this time I seem to have stepped on too many toes in my previous posts. I have approved all comments received on TPM-The Pentecostal Mission . I am yet to reply to the thought-provoking comments of some of my readers. And I’m also guilty of not replying to a more than 1,000 word comment (which, incidentally is longer than the post).

It was also quite exhilarating to find Lindsay from White Washed Feminists and True Womanhood posting on my blog. I have for long been a regular reader of the two sites as they promote the concept of the independant, thinking Chrisitian woman. Though a self-declared atheist, I can so identify with these sites, because patriarchy in the church was something I opposed even when I didn’t know the existence of such a word.

There have been many Christians sharing their personal insights into what comprises The Pentecostal Mission. I am yet to compose my thoughts and write a meaningful reply. Some testimonies are quite personal and with nothing but kindness towards me, so I’m a bit hesitant…I want to say what I want to in the nicest way possible without offending anyone.

I have also decided to post one post a day. Hopefully, I stick to my resolve 🙂

What was sad to note was wordpress has temporarily suspended fellow-blogger’s site oceanic11 for writing on the Leehman Brothers issue. He’s still on my blogroll and I’m hoping the suspension is only temporary.

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