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I was really excited to find the original source for Rhett Butler’s farwell off-to-the-wars speech to Scarlett at the Gone with the Wind Scrapbook Blog

“‘I could not love thee, Dear, so much, loved I not Honour more.’ That’s a pat speech, isn’t it? Certainly better than anything I can think up myself, at the present moment. For I do love you, Scarlett, in spite of what I said that night on the porch last month.”
Gone with the Wind, Chapter XXIII
Original source:
Tell me not, Sweet, I am unkind,
That from the nunnery
Of thy chaste breasts, and quiet mind,
To war and arms I fly.

True, a new mistress now I chase,
The first foe in the field;
And with a stronger faith embrace
A sword, a horse, a shield.

Yet this inconstancy is such,
As you too shall adore;
I could not love thee, Dear, so much,
Loved I not honour more.

       –To Lucasta, Going to the Wars

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Isn't my husky the best?

Isn’t my husky the best?

Life has been a roller-coaster ride over the last one and a half years and my shock absorbers are yet to re-function properly.  One of the things that upset me was my blog getting hacked. But luckily the super-efficient people at wordpress have been able to restore my blog to me – after I filed a police complaint. It took them a week, but man were they efficient. So here we are back in the world of blogging!

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