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Currently reading “Jinnah-Creater of Pakistan” by Hector Bolitho. Treasured this little anecdote about the love of his life:

///Mrs Ruttie Petit Jinnah was spirited and told off more than one Viceroy.

When Lord Reading told her “I am very anxious to go to Germany, but I am afraid I cannot do so”
Ruttie asked: “Why not?”
Reading explained: “You see the Germans will not like us, the British, any more after the war and I cannot go there.”
Ruttie said “Oh!” adding, “How is it then, that you came to India?”////


 I also love this little vignette in their love story

///Mrs Jinnah wore a low cut dress that did not please her hostess, Lady Willingdon, who asked an ADC to bring a wrap for Mrs Jinnah, in case she felt cold. Jinnah rose, and said, “When Mrs Jinnah feels cold, she will say so, and ask for a wrap herself.” Then he led his wife from the dining room; and, from that time, he refused to go to Government House again.”///

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