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A big fat sorry!

I have not been blogging for a really long time. I really must say a big, fat sorry to everyone who has been kind and gracious enough to post comments. I am sorry about not having replied to many of them – though I can assure you, that I have read and re-read each and everyone of them before approving them.

Sometimes I keep wondering if I should go in for anonymous blogging – I can atleast me more honest and vociferous about my views. Maybe its part of the process of growing up..but many a time I feel so ashamed or embarrassed about something I had blogged earlier – especially personal stuff. And sometimes I even want to delete the whole blog, when I get ribbed about it by colleagues. ….Maybe there really is a strong case for anonymous blogging.

And in other ways, my views have mellowed down – more a live and let live policy…so I really wonder if I should strike down this blog and start another afresh. I sometimes think that I should start a crafts blog as I love most of the domestic arts – knitting, crotchet, embroidery – but then that will have to wait till I buy my spectacular new Camera..!!! 🙂

I have been saving up for a camera for months…Hoping to get a really good one…Wouldn’t really mind if it was second-hand and I was getting it from people I know.  What else is new? Nothing much other than that I’m living in the same old flat – minus one cat. Our cat has decided to seek wider horizons and has left us in the pursuit of new adventures. Of course, ocassionally his highness deigns to visit us. It amuses me to look back and think about why I hadn’t named the cat. Since we were shifting houses and cats – are more house-bound than people-bound – I thought it would be best if I didn’t get too attached to it by naming it. But when we shifted to our new house about one kilometre away from the old one, we found that our cat had also followed suit and taken up residence in our new abode. I was so over-the-world thrilled with it, spent many happy hours playing with our sweet little ball of fur and consequently did get too attached to it. Now that its become an occasional visitor I find that I miss it terribly and wish I had named it. It sounds so cold and formal saying, “I do miss that cat.”   Which one? ” “Oh, the ginger-brown one.” It would have been nice to have named it “Tigger”  – it did resemble Tigger from Winnie the pooh.


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security-copyI was checking out the Mozilla Firefox security page and was quite surprised to see them carrying a point by point analysis of why they were 100 times better than Internet Explorer. Isn’t this a bit unethical of Mozilla Corporation…hitting out at another company (Microsoft) and naming it so that no one can mistake whom they’re targeting.

Firefox quotes a story: ““At risk” defined as publicly available exploits with no patch. Source: “Internet Explorer users Unsafe for 284 Days in 2006”
Brian Krebs, Washington Post, 1/4/2007″

And then carries a graphic on why the security risks are more when you use Internet Explorer.

And if you are further not convinced we have Mozilla’s cute fox telling us why we should be:


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Now, why did gmail have to change its format? Today morning, I thought I’d accidently logged onto a website, when I saw the new button-type template they have got… By the way is template the right word to describe the change in format?

Doesn’t navigating your new gmail inbox make you feel like you were surfing a gamer’s site?


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I’m getting to love HTML, this is my latest attempt at changing blog templates. I did this template for a friend
Unveiling, my orginial creation (complete with marquee scrolls):



If you want the template coding I can give it…though its not fool proof from error 😉

Anyway I really felt like clapping hands when I managed to marquee and scroll images 🙂

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comp1I really like some of the cute replies that Google & wiki come up with for even serious security & privacy issues.

Google’s security policy:

We take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data. These include internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, as well as physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to systems where we store personal data.

And it then says……..(here comes the winner 🙂 )…..

But we can’t help it if someone is looking over your shoulder and checking your computer screen.

And then in Wiki Answers,

Someone had asked, “How to hack gmail?”

Wiki Answer: First, put your affairs in order. You will be gone for several years. comp2
Second, Google Mail has 27 people waiting for you to break in.
Third, the FBI and US Attorneys have a great prosecution record.
Fourth, put on your “I am stupid” t-shirt and kiss your mom goodbye.

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I finally figured out how to disable the comments on wordpress. For me comment moderation was frustrating. I am so irregular in updating the blog that I hadn’t cleared comments sometimes for two weeks at a stretch. 

 And besides I feel my site is really quite harmless and I don’t see the need for moderation. And then again WordPress’s Askimet is quite good at blocking spam. 

To disable comment moderation, you must go to your dashboard and click on settings. In the settings, you can change the discussion sub-tab.

Just untick these two options and you’ll never have to worry about blog neglect affecting your viewers again 🙂

  • An administrator must always approve the comment
  • Comment author must have a previously approved comment


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Having had a blog on Blogspot earlier, I’m finding posting stuff on WordPress very frustrating.

In blogspot, I could just tweak the HTML code a little and add everything in the world I wanted – newsreels, slideshows, favourite links, plug ins like talk-back, free shout-box, fun site-meters, link mates, foto trails, display visitor locations from cluster maps, feedjit’s live feed….the list is endless

I really miss blogspot. And here in wordpress, I’m yet to figure out how to change my header. I love roses (as most of you would have guessed seeing the large number of unrelated roses on my posts) and cropped a pic and put it up there…but how do I customise it?

I have also found connecting to blog directories and XML generators frustrating with wordpress.

What to do?

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