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joycemeyerWiki on Joyce Meyer: Pauline Joyce Hutchison Meyer, more commonly known as Joyce Meyer (born on June 4, 1943) is a Charismatic Christian author and speaker. Her television and radio programs air in 25 languages in 200 countries, and she has written over 70 books on Christianity. Some say she is a proponent of the prosperity gospel, although she does not accept that term for her teachings. Joyce and her husband, Dave, have four grown children, and live near St. Louis, Missouri. Her ministry is headquartered in the St. Louis suburb of Fenton, Missouri.

Joyce Meyer on being a millionaire preacher: You can be a businessman here in St. Louis, and people think the more you have, the more wonderful it is. But if you’re a preacher, then all of a sudden it becomes a problem.”

meyer11The Smart Aleck: “This from a preacher, who claims to follow the lifestyle of Christ who was born in a manger and said it’s more difficult for a “rich man to enter heaven than for a camel to enter the needle of an eye.”

Joyce Meyer on owning a private jet: “There’s no need for us to apologize for being blessed.”

The Smart Aleck: “What was it that Jesus said about selling, what you have and giving it to the poor?”

Joyce Meyer on her extravagant lifestyle: “The Word is Faith, Seed Faith, Name It And Claim it. If you want money you need to ask for it.”

The Smart Aleck: “Right! Follow the Joyce Meyer lifestyle to get rich. In any other industry you have to invest time, money and labour. In the Ministry industry alone, you can get people to empty their pockets without giving them anything other than hot air in return.”

meyer2Joyce Meyer to get people to loosen their purse-strings: “To give is godly. Never fear giving too much in the name of God, even if it means sacrificing dinners out during the three-day conference. Fear, is the work of the devil. Make your checks payable to Joyce Meyer Ministries/Life in the Word. And million is spelled M-I-L-L-I-O-N. An East Coast woman gave me stock worth that amount. I didn’t have that thing for five minutes and I said, ‘OK, God. Next I’ll take $5 million.”

The Smart Aleck: “Joyce Meyer has found the ultimate milch cow, gullible Christians, who make her richer with their contributions, and remain poorer for the same.”

Jocye Meyer’s open demands: “I want $7 million check. That would really bless me.”

The Smart Aleck: “It would also really bless me, if I can sell my soul to the devil for a private jet, a multi-million dollar home and a $ 100,000 worth automobile.”

Joyce Meyer on whom the money is for: “God does not need our money. The giving thing is not for Him, it’s for us.”

The Smart Aleck: “God does not need the contributions so it goes to the Meyers’ private accounts.”

Joyce Meyer on her items for sale: “Our volunteers will give you a 20-page catalog listing Joyce joycemeyer_lgMeyer’s products for sale. Videotapes, audiotapes, books, CDs, calendars and coffee mugs are available. What is a good buy? The $3 for palm-size books and $110 for videotape packages of “Enjoying Everyday Life. Buy $500 worth of product and get $100 free.”

Joyce Meyer on homosexuality: “God will cure headaches, depression, stomach problems, drug addiction and homosexuality.”

The Smart Aleck: “Typical Christian conservative nonsense: Clubbing one’s sexual preferences with drug addiction and depression.”

Joyce Meyer, the money-churner: “”If you sow, you will reap. I believe stingy people are very unhappy people. I want you to give your best offering. I believe one person could write one check to cover all of the expenses of this one conference. Don’t procrastinate, because procrastination is the tool of the devil.”

Joyce Meyer ironically brought out a book Me and My Big Mouth: Your Answer is Right Under Your joyce3Nose that embodies her statement: “I can stand up and talk all day and not even know what is coming out of my mouth next.”

Joyce Meyer on etiquette: “Nobody leaves the hall during sessions. I have to talk for two hours without going to the bathroom. If I can wait, so can you.”

Joyce Meyer on up-selling: “Don’t be a $10 man all your life. Don’t even be a $100 man all your life. Be a $ 1000 man. You have to give sometimes until it hurts. It needs to cost you something.”

Joyce Meyer on begging for money: “I don’t have to stand here and beg. What God wants you to do here tonight is to pay for somebody else to watch my show.”

Joyce Meyer on freebies: “These 50 books are “free” for a $1,000 offering.”

Joyce Meyer scores it over therapists: “My $100 an hour audiotapes are cheaper than the one you get from those professional shrinks.”

Joyce Meyer on Christians criticizing her extravagant lifestyle: “Don’t be jealous of what some body’s got. It’s not about somebody getting your money. You need to give.”



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These days every other Tom, Dick and Hari has got a honorary doctorate because he has loads and loads of cash; because he’s engaged in manufacturing illicit arrack; because he’s part of a political dynasty; or because he’s trying to be a cine superstar.

Joyce Meyer – American multi-millionaire preacher gets honourary doctorate from millionaire pastor Oral Roberts

Ratan Tata – Industrialist gets honourary doctorate from President of India Pratibha Patil

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi – de facto military Libyian leader gets  honourary doctorate in Arabic-Islamic studies from Tunisia

A P J Abdul Kalam – gets honourary doctorates, because our universities needed grants and felt that he didn’t have enough degrees

Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan – gets honourary doctorate from Sathyabama Engineering College, run by the honourable Mr Jeppiar, who was earlier a police constable and alleged boot-legger

Elaiyathalapathi Vijay – gets honourary doctorate from Sathyabama Engineering College

Viswanath Anand – gets honourary doctorate from Sathyabama Engineering College

Akshaya Kumar – gets honourary doctorate of Law….He might have got on the wrong side of it as a waiter in Singapore

Other cine stars who have got honourary doctorates – Manorama, K Balachander & Sivaji Ganesan

Dr Karunanidhi – TN CM gets honourary doctorates from Annamalai University and TN Governor Surjit Singh Barnala

Dr J Jayalalithaa –  former TN CM gets honourary doctorate to compete in all spheres with MK

And of course, the late Dr MGR

Wanna add on to the list?

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Joyce Meyer says God has made her rich.

Everything she has came from Him: the $10 million corporate jet, her husband’s $107,000 silver-gray Mercedes sedan, her $2 million home and houses worth another $2 million for her four children — all blessings, she says, straight from the hand of God.

It’s been an amazing run, nothing short of a miracle, says Meyer, a one-time bookkeeper who heads one of the world’s largest television ministries. Her Life in the Word organization expects to take in $95 million this year.

Just look around, she told reporters last month from behind her desk on the third floor of the ministry’s corporate offices in Jefferson County.

“Here I am, an ex-housewife from Fenton, with a 12th-grade education,” she said. “How could anybody look at this and see anything other than God?”

In many ways, Joyce Meyer is an American Cinderella.

Describing herself as sexually abused as a girl and neglected and abandoned as a young wife, Meyer has remade herself into one of the nation’s best-known and best-paid TV preachers. She has taken her “prosperity through faith” message to millions.

“If you stay in your faith, you are going to get paid,” Meyer told an audience in Detroit in September. “I’m living now in my reward.”

Meyer, 60 and a grandmother, runs the ministry with her husband, Dave, and the couple’s four children. All of the family, including the children’s spouses, draw paychecks from the ministry.

For more Pl read the original article @ Trinity or my own take on rich preachers

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I have recieved a number of nasty comments when I posted on certain aspects I did’nt like about the Dinakaran Ministry. The comments, which did not have *$&^#* filthy words, I have approved and posted.

Let me clarify. I am not a Hindu. Neither do I belong to the RSS, Bajrang Dal or Sangh Parivar.

Long long ago, when I was reading “Death of a Guru” by Rabi Maharaj, I came upon a passage. In that Rabi talks about how he became disgusted with one Hindu guru, who became richer and richer with his “Get rich” mantra. He used to tell his followers: “I will pray for you. Look how God has blessed me. He will bless you also if you do such and such pooja.” The people used to pay him huge sums for the pooja or the prayer. The net result was: The yogi became richer and richer, while his followers became poorer and poorer.

Moral of the story: Preachers are getting richers day by day. And it is no longer considered shameful if a preacher is a millionaire. He is apparently ‘blessed by God.’

This list contains details of property and money in the individual preacher’s name. It does not include the net asset worth of his/her ministry or churches.

A list of the millionaire preachers:

John Wesley – (As per today’s economy $ 1.4 million a year)

Benny Hinn – (multi-millionaire. Net assets worth $ 705 million)

Joyce Meyer – ($ 4.28 million corporate jet + $ 1.7 million worth houses. She also pays herself a salary of $ 2, 08,200 from the Joyce Meyer Ministry account)

Pat Robinson – ($ 11 billion net assets worth. He’s well known for his rabid and nasty attacks on homosexuals, Russians, Communists, feminists and the tax collectors)

Bill Creflo Dollar – (Like his name, Creflo preaches the “Get Rich” Chrisitian policy. His current earnings are $ 48 million)

Rory and Wendy – (The wonder couple on God TV, who weasle out donations for themselves and the other preachers on air. Net asset worth $ 36.5 million)

And since the details of the property of pastors in India is not made available to the public. We can only make surmises.

In India, politicians, film stars, industrialists or the sons of industrialists get kidnapped and a ransom is demanded.

Joining this elite league are our christian pastors. The last we heard, Pastor R Mohan’s junior-pastor-son Sam got kidnapped. When the kidnappers wanted money they took him straight to the nearest ATM centre. He withdrew 5 lakhs and got it back in a day’s time. A few strings were pulled, police took action and nabbed the culprits after seeing the ATM’s video footage.

There is also another story about people closely related to this pastor:

The story goes… junior-pastor does’nt believe in caste. His father does. So when junior fell in love with a Dalit Christian girl, the family steps up pressure and tells him his Christian duty as a son is to follow his father’s commandments. After 7 years of resisting, junior finally gives up. He said goodbye to his sweetheart and married a chaste girl from his caste that his parents had chosen for him.

Even now in Nagercoil, there are churches in which Dalits sit in the last rows, while the upper-caste Christians sit in front. When a Dailt pastor was buried in a church cemetry in Nagercoil in 1997, upper-caste people dug out his body and threw it on the road. They also conducted a ceremony later, to purify the graveyard off the Dailt pastor’s presence.

Where is Christ in all this? Christ- the friend of the prostitutes, tax collectors, Samaritans (untouchables in those days) & Romans?

Recently, Deccan Chronicle had carried a report in which 70 Dalit Christians converted back to Hinduism, because of the caste discrimination they were facing from upper-caste Christians. What hopes, those people would have had when they converted to Christianity. They must have read about Christ’s life and felt the Christian way of life meant equality for all. When they learnt the theory and the practise are different …I guess they decided to go back to Hinduism.

Rachel Chitra

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Yeah! I could’nt believe it. But there’s proof from the Dinakarans . Now everyone knows nasty Satan is out to lure your kids away from Christ and into drugs, TV, dating, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. So what do you do….

You have many options:

a) You can make the following minimum pledge according to your place of residence: India Rs. 2000 US $ 200 (Now since most of you can’t spend time praying for your own kids, get the staff @ Jesus calls to pray for them. )

b) For parents too poor to cough up 2k for prayers, we have installments!

c)And for those who have wads of dough, the Dinakarans urge you to

“Kindly do not stop your contribution towards the Young Partner Plan after the pledge as 50% of our Young partners do. By contributing regularly every month towards this plan you will receive the new mercies from God every day for the month according to Lamentations 3: 22,23 and also the number of souls saved because of this ministry will be added to your account (not your bank account dumbo). So, your reward on earth and in heaven will be great.
Be assured that you are always surrounded by the effectual prayers of the Dhinakarans and the prayers of our anointed Prayer Warriors who put forth your prayer requests before the throne of God and intercede daily on your behalf in the 24 hours Prayer Tower. “

Yeah, don’t stop sending money, as 50% of the other youngsters with short-term memory loss. Keep sending the notes in so that the Dinakarans don’t forget you in their prayers.

And the point of sale: Since you continue to sin, we will continue to intercede on your behalf, say the dinakarans. Let me get their twisted logic straight: If what the Dinakarans say is right, then they can afford their AC super-deluxe homes, BMWs and Rolex watches only if people keep sinning and calling Jesus calls.

So if everyone gets converted and the whole world becomes Christian, the Dinakarans might not have a penny to call their own. Wow! What a solution to all the world’s problems. Guys stop sinning, stop feeling guilty and we won’t have millionaire preachers like Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer & Pat Boone ranting on our TV sets.

Prayer Warriors (PW) – The inside scoop from a couple of prayer warriors @ Jesus calls.

Little known facts about prayer warriers:

*The PWs do night shifts just like BPOs, to keep the cash counters ringing, sorry I meant the prayers 24-hours non-stop.
*The PWs have females too. So if you have marital troubles and are female, u’d have female PWs conselling u on the need to be a christian wife and obey and submit to your tryanical, overbearing MCP husband. If you were a man, you’d have a male PWs telling you were the head of the family and you wear the pants at home.
*The PWs get payed Rs 2000 a month. And they handle on an average 60 calls a day. So imagine 60 X Rs 2000 (the amount the hapless parents pay for prayers for their deviant kid) means Jesus calls gets Rs 1.2 lakhs a day from one PW. Say, Jesus calls has 50 workers, then its earnings that day is Rs 60 lakhs. And their earnings per month is Rs 18 crores……Whopee! Running a Christian BPO to handle prayers is serious good business.

Rachel Chitra

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