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sarah-palin1Am I glad Palin’s out. Sarah Palin is so George W Bush! Both of them are all about Christian values and parading their faith on a platter.

George Bush can be accused of “convenience Christianity.” Bush Junior had a long track record of academic mediocrity, binge drinking and getting drunk at parties. This wouldn’t fit in with the image of the next Governor….so what does he do? He has a sudden change of heart. George Bush next starts telling people he stopped drinking and turned Christian supposedly because an angel visited him in the night.

Both Palin and Bush are arrogant and pretty ignorant on both domestic and foreign policy; they love the idea of waging a “holy war” in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other oil-producing country, they always hold national security as a Damocles sword over personal freedom and they are dogmatic in the extreme.

Infact, Rumsfield and Cheney pale in comparison to the McCain kind of hawkishness.

The “Palin” facts

Sarah Palin, the animal hater: She’s a life time member of the National Rifle Association and goes on regular hunts to bring non-endangered species to endangered status. She also doesn’t sarah-palin2believe Alaska has got any wildlife worth protecting so she goes ahead and sanctions drilling. To crown her iniquities, she removed the Polar bear’s protected status.

Sarah Palin, the contradiction: She’s an anti-abortionist, but pro-death penalty. She’s a feminist, but supports homeschooling Christian mommies in their struggle to keep kids out of secular schools. She’s apparently a Pentecostal, yet non- denominational and Lutheran.

I’m dead against the Iraq war and the actions of our top war mongrel – US in that country. But then I’m glad she doesn’t belong to that elitist club which believes in sending all able-bodied men to Vietnam, Afghanistan & Iraq, but not their own sons (pt ref to George Bush Sr & George Bush Jr).

What do you think is there on her resume? Former Beauty Queen, Miss Congeniality, four years on city council, six years as mayor and two years as Governor of Alaska.

Her kids also have names like Track, Trig, Bristol, Willow, and Piper. Poor kids!

I don’t think it was right of her to insist that her daughter have the baby and marry the father, when both are teens. Is this what is called a shotgun wedding?

Anyway this post was written some three months ago….In my New Year mission to clear up all the junk on my e-desk, I decided to post this anyway though its shelf-life is almost expired after Obama’s victory..

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TV Channels: Twisting The ScripturesBy ————–D.R. Chitra(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/journalismonline/post?postID=EWqc0kDZEnKSK_UfhDwObSfP7D4JwEqsAIeWgsgYdl0MIdLKZS3vppEIADQ5LZ3XLq4KgP6NTV_k9VuLERzH)

Anti-Christian broadcasting networks are exactly what GOD TV and CBN are though they claim to be otherwise. Both these channels have extensive networks in all the five continents. GOD TV has its base inBritain, and CBN is an American channel.

Though they may disagree onvarious issues (divorce, PMS, Human GM), they all managed to reach a consensus on the Iraq war. CBN’s mascot during the war was undoubtedly George. W. Bush Jr.
Evenafter the ‘45 minute claim‘ and the ‘uranium import‘ were proved to be false, the 700 Club still did a show on how well Bush can get along with Christians of all denominations. You had commanders-in-chief testifying to his bravery (by staying in the Home Guard), pastors commending him for making Texas crime-free (by the simple means of sending the maximum number of people to the electric chair)… You even had snapshots of the President, the Security Adviser and many of his close aides kneeling down for prayer at the White House.
God TV, not to be left behind, came up with a Tony Blair special, in which we see Blair holding the Bible at a public meet, after the invasion, proudly declaring, “I am ready to meet my Maker today.”The very same week, there was another programme on the Axis of Evil. Even now if you visit the 700 Club official website, you can read so much on the Saddam Hussein-Charles Taylor-Osama bin Laden link, North Korea‘s nuclear programme, the Talibans in Afghanistan, that one wonders if they shape the American Foreign Policy and issue the White House Press handouts.
Not satisfied with my tirade against the money-minting religious channels? You can read the original at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/journalismonline/message/56

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