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Dinesh has written a superb story of Fenn’s first clash with the city police at http://tudinesh.com/2007/08/19/police-story-part-1/

Watch out for My lovable friend – Fenn Moses III. You will get the inside scoop of Fenn’s third clash with the police. How he broke his leg. And how he broke the same leg again in one week’s time.

The doctor had ordered one month rest when Fenn broke his leg (the first time). Now that Fenn has broken his leg again, the doctor told him to “please take rest”…But Fenn has decided to take leave for two months, since his injuries have multiplied and his woes doubled

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Fenn Moses – His middle name is controversy. So far he has had so many clashes with the police to his credit.

His first clash in his college days was with the TTR & Railway police. Our gang was walking down the stairs to board a train in Tambaram after college. A TTR stopped me, Anand and Fenn.

Anand instanteously produced his railway pass.

The TTR turned to me. I’m very unorganised so my bag is a regular mess. I search for my season pass…giving Anand bubble gam wrappers, empty chips packets, my corrected exam papers, a couple of books, a dog collar, etc to hold. The TTR keeps giving me suspicious looks…Finally after I deposit more rubbish on Anand’s hands and on the railway platform, I unearth my railway pass.

Next, the TTR turned to Fenn

TTR: Pass please

Fenn: Who are you?

TTR: (Irritated) Im the TTR, show me ur railway pass

Fenn: Show me first ur ID ( Dinesh has his own version of the story @ http://tudinesh.com/2007/12/16/police-story-part-2-fenn-takes-the-electric-train/…But he wasn’t nearby..Only at this point of the story do Dinesh, Krishna and Deepa notice the proceedings)

Anand: Just show ur ID, u bugger

Fenn: We just should’nt show our IDs. Last time, one guy said he was the TTR. I did’nt have the ticket, so he fined me. I asked for the receipt, the guy ran away. We should’nt trust these people

TTR: (Takes out his ID and hands it to Fenn)

Fenn: (Inspects the ID) This seems ok

TTR: Now show your pass

Fenn, shows his pass. The TTR looks at it carefully. Pradeep (from behind) looks over the TTR’s shoulder and tells Fenn in a loud voice that he hasn’t signed his pass.

The TTR takes his revenge. He drags him off to the RPF station on the grounds that Fenn hasn’t signed his pass.

We all tag along. Bleating: “Sorry” all the while to the TTR. While Fenn, the idiot, who should be saying sorry, kept asking him what mistake he had done.

We all trooped down to the RPF station. I call Ayappan, our Express railway correspondent (I was with Express then) and ask him what to do. Deepa calls her dad, who is a big guy in the railways, but the TTR refuses to talk to Deepa’s dad.

Me, Dinesh, Krishna, Anand and Deepa all were apologising profusely to the TTR, while Fenn looked like he had nothing to do with the whole affair. And while all of us were speaking in Tamil, Fenn alone spoke in his fake British accent, making the TTR even more furious.

TTR: Are you a body-builder?

Fenn: Yes. (with a proud grin and slightly flexing his muscles)

TTR: (mumbles something like…that’s why ur so arrogant)

Finally after lots of sorrys from us and one sorry from Fenn, the TTR let Fenn go with a warning

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